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Live lessons (English / Spanish)

Classes are done via Zoom once a week and last 2 hours. You do not need any prior knowledge to be part of them!!!


I have students who started from 0 and have been studying for years with me and others who are more advanced!


I make sure that we all handle some basic concepts that will help us the rest of the course and little by little we are advancing, changing techniques and more!


Write me to know the prices and time availability: Instagram: @juanperednik / Mail:

Presentacion clases vivo copia.jpg
Presentacion clases vivo copia.jpg

What to expect?

The classes take place in a super calm, relaxed and fun climate!


It's a perfect combination of drawing theory, practice, and talks about our pets ha ha... We are also going to see examples and study how other artist's work.


Each one makes their drawing at their own time and at their own level of difficulty, I adapt to the needs of each student and organize the classes so that everyone advances as much as possible.

Presentacion clases vivo 2.jpg

Materials and subjects?

In general, I recommend starting with graphite pencils so that we put the difficulty not in the material but in the information that I am going to pass on.


Then we will start using other materials such as charcoal and oil. It is important that you know that the classes are for you so both the materials and what you are going to draw is FREE, you can choose, I will help you and I will constantly make recommendations.


I have students who paint with Chinese ink, others with oil, the important thing is to have fun and improve themselves with each drawing!

Presentacion clases vivo 2.jpg
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