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Cómo superar un fracaso.

Advice to overcome failure... Last Friday one of my drawings ended up in the garbage can. Long time since this happened.

It's very frustrating and can ruin an entire day for me. It makes me doubt everything I know about drawing. Here I tell you a master technique that I developed to try to avoid it... or rather overcome it once it happens. When a drawing gets too hard and I don't achieve what I wanted, I try to go just the other way round, do something super simple and with what I feel comfortable with. In this case: an avocado. The only thing I was looking for was to get the feeling that I don't know how to draw and end my Friday with a victory, it worked! Another advice is to try to avoid it is to prepare ourselves for a good drawing or a good creation.

How? Have a quality benchmark, good paper to work with, materials that you feel comfortable with, and a window of time in which you can relax and draw. In this way, they start little by little, warm up and move on. Know that there is a sweet spot for challenges.

If the challenge is too great we can get frustrated and if it is too small we can get bored, we have to find that middle ground! Neither too green nor too ripe, like avocado. EVERYONE can draw. Juan.

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