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#5 paralysis by analysis

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Been there, done that… It's clearly not a term that I made up. When he was introduced to me, I was able to understand a little of what was happening to me. One always wants to do the best and the best does not always mean the complex, the difficult, the "too" thought. Another pre-made phrase that comes in handy for these cases: "the perfect is the enemy of the good." Where am I going with all this? The best idea is the one that you can execute. We can imagine the best drawing, the best painting, the best work, but if we do not specify it, it will come to nothing, zero. Therefore an imperfect creation is preferable to an abstract idea not brought down to reality.

The best idea is the one you can execute.

In the world of entrepreneurship there is a term that is “minimum viable product”. This means that when we have the idea downgraded and it works, we have to put it on the market, make it public, and then make the necessary reforms and launch it again. The risk that we run correcting, thinking and rethinking everything in our head is that of not carrying out and not achieving our objective, be it an illustration or a design for a client. It's okay to be demanding, it's okay to have your bar set high, it's okay to be a perfectionist and seek the best possible result, BUT you shouldn't go over to the other side. To know if we are going too far we have to ask ourselves: "This whole long process, is it helping me to move forward or is it avoiding it? ..." The fear of being judged is present in this equation. What if what I do doesn't work? What if what I do does not like the rest? Again, it is good to be afraid because that helps us to improve, to prepare ourselves, but good fear is what mobilizes us, makes us create, seeks answers and NOT the one that immobilizes us. Finally an example based on personal experience. For a long time I believed and tried to work in series. Thoughtful, ordered series, with conductive threads and connected concepts that make this set of works a collection. Result: I could not carry it through. The reasons are several, for another occasion.

The fear of being judged is present in this equation. What if what I do doesn't work? What if what I do does not like the rest?

The important thing is the finding. I concentrated on creating and doing and the series were formed in a natural and orderly way. Looking back at my productions, I can see a moment in which I became interested in older people, another in which the body played an important role in my day-to-day life, and so on. Conclusion, DO. Movement equates life to growth and development, the rest is carried away by the wind.

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