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#8 Drawing since I have memory!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Incredible surprise!

Today I came across some drawings from a long time ago ...

When I say that I have been drawing since I can remember it is true.

I think most of you who are reading this blog will agree with me on that point.

These drawings trigger a lot of memories in me but especially it reminds me how I enjoyed drawing when I was a kid.

Although one has less fine motor skills and less understanding of things, I dare say that he had as much fun as he does now.

When we are children we have a certain innocence and purity, right? We are not yet contaminated by the world of adults. Babies do not have much emotional filter, they want to cry and they cry, the same with laughter, when they laugh they laugh seriously and without commitment to anyone. This leads me to think that when you drew as a child it was truly something you enjoyed. Some stop doing it and others continue.

Some people stopped drawing at some point, another people continued...

This LITTLE reflection confirms something I have been thinking about for a long time, the important thing is not so much the final result but the process, in the meantime, while we are doing it, TODAY. That is the only thing that matters and the only thing we have. That is why I recommend that the next time you sit down to draw or paint, make a delicious coffee, if you are hungry, accompany with something to eat, put on good music, if you like jazz, put on jazz, if you like heavy metal. , heavy metal will be. Take care to enjoy yourself instead of stressing over whether the drawing turns out well or not!

Many times when we finish a project, a job, a drawing, we quickly start to think about what's next and we don't spend time analyzing, understanding and digesting what we just closed.

The world we live in spins fast and that's fine, but sometimes it's too much. Do not let social networks or the rush of day to day prevent you from understanding the beauty of what you are doing.

Anyway, how many memories, incredible, thank you.


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