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The drastic change Juan made in the way I draw is difficult to put into words.


In addition to making sure that one learns the fundamental concepts of drawing, it encourages you to improve yourself and constantly proposes new challenges!


In the first job I did with him, I realized how good a teacher he is!

Leo Merlo.jpg


I always liked drawing, when I started classes with Juan I improved my level in a way that I would not have thought possible.


The classes are very dynamic, Juan is there with you in all the steps and in the details to correct doubts, propose solutions and help us grow as cartoonists.



The classes with Juan are great!


Drawing theory and practice are combined in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. I did not know how to draw anything and thanks to your professionalism and patience I am drawing!!!


I improve in each class and in no time! I am very happy and satisfied!



The number of things, from materials, theory, techniques that I learned with Juan is incredible.


Not only does he stay with what he knows, he also uses other artists as an example to teach. It accompanies me to improve myself!

20eb273a-e33b-440d-bc6c-372a5ef10336 copia.jpg


For more than a year I have been taking classes with Juan and I have learned and improved a lot drawing on paper and digitally.


I choose him because he is a genius at what he does and how he teaches it.


In the classes he gives theory and technique, Juan is waiting to help and encourages you to trust yourself.

Students Work!

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