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Online course: Drawing the Human Figure

Level: beginner / intermediate

Language: english


Index and contents
  • Introduction to the human figure, gesture and proportions.

  • How the abstract structure works.

  • Applying the abstract structure to the human body.

  • The "box" method applied to the figure.

  • Light and shadow: basic concepts and how to represent volumes.

  • Grey scale: rendering and organizing.

  • Tools: specific materials and uses.

  • 3 real-time videos of 3 different drawings + tutorials for each one.

  • Composition and design of the piece.

  • Reference pictures and downloadable JPEG's.

¿What is included in this course?
  • +4 hours of HD videos packed with info, theory, tips and advice.

  • 20 videos with examples and skills that you can use with your drawings.

  • JPG files ready to download, reference pictures and study material.​

¿Which materials will I need?
  • Pencils: HB, 2B, 4B y 6B/ 8B.

  • Paper

  • Kneaded eraser + harder eraser

  • Blending stamps and napkin. 

¿Do I have any time limit to complete the course?

Nope, none. You have all the time in the world to do the whole course at your own pace.

¿Any previous knowledge needed?

Not at all. This course is specifically made for the beginner/intermediate level.

¿Return policy?

Once the course is purchased, the sale cannot be undone. Any other questions contact me via email or instagram! / @juanperednik

  • Drawing Human Figure

    • • Online Course: Drawing the Human Figure
    • • Unlimited access
    • • Downloadable JPEG
    • • Exercises & Tutorials
    • • +4 hs HD Videos
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