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Online Course: Portrait drawing, light & shadow.

Level: beginner / intermediate

Language: English


Index and contents
  • Introduction to my drawing method.

  • What is the abstract structure.

  • How to apply the abstract structure to the human head: front, profile and 3/4s.

  • How to draw an actual portrait using the structure method in the 3 positions.

  • Light and shadow: basic concepts, how to represent volume and realism.

  • Shading: how to organize your values and create hard and soft realistic transitions.

  • Tools and materials: every pencil and tool I use will be described and mentioned.

  • Different foundation exercises for you to practice from easier to more complex.

  • Análisis de expresiones en las miradas.

  • Composition concepts and ideas.

  • You will learn how to analyze and apply concepts on your drawings.

  • Real time drawing videos.

  • Reference pictures and images to download.

What is included in this course?
  • +5 hours of high definition videos full of tips, theory, exercises and advice.

  • 25 videos packed with super useful information.

  • JPEG images with reference and study material to download.

Which materials and tools will I need?
  • Pencils: HB, 2B, 4B y 6B/ 8B.

  • Paper: with no tooth if possible.

  • Eraser: Kneaded eraser and a harder one.

  • Blenders: Blending stamps and napkin.

Do I have any time limit to complete the course?

No, non. You have all the time of the world to do the whole course at your own pace.

Do I need previous knowledge?

Not at all. This course is specifically made for the beginner/intermediate level.

Return policy?

Once the course is purchased, the sale cannot be undone. Any other questions contact me via email or Instagram that I will answer as soon as possible! / @juanperednik

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  • Portrait Drawing

    • • Online Course: Portrait Drawing, light & shadow
    • • Unlimited access
    • • Downloadable info
    • • Drawing exercises
    • • +5 hs HD Videos
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