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#2 Contrast: done vs undone

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

How many times do you finish a drawing and think ... "I think I liked it better at the beginning"? Many times the imperfect, human error, or rather the human footprint, attracts and seduces us. By spending too much time filing rough edges in a work, we may be erasing these marks, reaching a make-up result of what was the first approach and that is not always good. For something the phrase is "less is more" and never hear someone say "more is more" ha ha. The same happens when we make a drawing a second time. The first many times we liked it more and this has to do with the fact that we did not have the shape in the head so determined, therefore we tried, we made mistakes, we adjusted and so on. While in the second attempt we go more to the point losing that playful spirit necessary when creating. I try to paint with an idea in my head, although the reality is that I never manage to achieve it. In fact, there are times (this is one of them) when I decide in the middle of the process that the work is finished. She gave me what she had to give me and I can't give her anything else.

"I try to paint with an idea in my head, although the reality is that I never manage to achieve it."

It is important to be able to detect these moments and this is achieved with practice and being permeable to what the role returns to us, allowing us to change our mind or action plan in the middle of the process. There are times when you have to put an end point early to preserve the initial freshness. It was Leonardo Da Vinci who once said: "A work of art is never finished, it is only abandoned." - Phrase that all of us who are dedicated to the creative field, architects, designers, artists, among many others, use. Remember that the true enjoyment and objective is in the moment, in the experience and not in the result!

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