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#3 The photo always wins?...

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Yesterday in class I was talking to a group of students about taking the backpack of "perfection" off our backs. Forget for a moment about the reference photo we are looking at to draw. Let's change the focus, move the rod and place the objective in the feeling, the sensation that this drawing causes us. It sounds easy but it is not. Many of us compete with a photo, which in my opinion is a mistake since it always wins. At a certain point in my development as a cartoonist, it seems to me correct, even important to compete with the photo, it is the carrot, the place that we will never reach but it will help us to level up. After a certain time, a more ambitious goal may be to overcome the photo! Create more than what the image offers us ...

"Many of us compete with the photo ... it always wins."

The day I understood that I could not only beat the photo but go beyond it, making a “meaningful” drawing (like the title of this comment) or a drawing that means something to me or to another, makes you think or cause him any sensation, I pulled a very heavy backpack off my back and opened up a world of possibilities. It's about accepting mistakes, flaws, and inaccuracies and this may not be easy. I repeat, it took me a long time to reach these conclusions and make friends with the idea that there is something beyond it, but I recommend that you think about this point a bit because it can be a before and after.

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