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#1 To begin with.

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I do NOT have the truth revealed, no one does. The first thing I want to say is that I can be wrong, indeed, I am wrong and not only that, I will continue to make mistakes. I'm going to take it further, it's good that it be so! The mistake, the error, is part of the growth process - when it is accompanied by a critical look and a correction of direction or opinion -

"... error is part of the growth process."

I consider it as important to do things right as to do them wrong (as long as we do not harm another, it is not minor). Having said this, I want to clarify to everyone that what I write on my blog are personal opinions based on lived experiences and that they are not unique or universal truths. I try not to generalize, we are all different although many times similar things happen to us and we all have the right to disagree. If I sometimes sound very effusive and very energetic about a concept, understand that it is because of my excitement and enthusiasm. In no way what I say is the only way to do things, it is not the best either, it is simply the one I found available and the one that is compatible with me.

"... what I say is not the only way of doing things, nor is it the best ... it is the one compatible with me."

The reality is that all this is about having a good time, overcoming obstacles, growing, developing and if we can share and create beautiful drawings or paintings, much better !!!

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